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“A place so lovely that it seems, neither from waking life nor dreams. A mystery from those mysteries that startle shut and waking eyes” W. B. Yeats

We provide guided walking and hikes through native woodlands, through the famous lakelands in Killarney, aswell as walks along the spectacular coastlines  on The " Wild Atlantic Way" The walks are measured exactly to meet all fitness levels and experience. They can be 2/3 hours to a full days Hiking.  

“Angels fold their wings and rest, In the Eden of the west, Beauty’s home, Killarney.Heavens reflex, Killarney” O’Rourke

Visitors have been attracted to this Hiking Heaven for centuries with most  concentrating on Killarney.  Here  we have all levels of walks..When Queen Victoria came to Killarney in 1861 she did her own mixture of nature trails, woodland and mountain walks.   Between the scenery, the people, the heritage and the food, the music and wildlife, there is something for everybody. Our focus is on the Outdoors, on getting out into the fresh Wild Atlantic air, be it in wind sunshine or rain. Ireland’s natural beauty is its greatest asset and you can discover it while you’re hiking, cycling or climbing. You’re also sure to encounter Ireland’s second greatest asset, its warm welcoming people famed for their easy charm and their way with words.  

“There are two things that did not disappoint me – my first taste of champagne and my first look at the lakes of Killarney” Brendan Behan

 Www. HikingKillarney.com is an independent guiding business, based in the South West of Ireland. It is founded and run by Brendan O’Connor, himself a native of Killarney.  It specialises in guided Hiking trips and Walking Holidays. For the outdoor enthusiast there is endless pleasure in Hiking Killarney. On every outing the immediate pleasure is that sense of peace you feel in the escape from concrete and traffic, and you can even switch off your mobile phone. The soul is easily replenished in the lonely glen among dramatic coombs or on the summits of the mountains where the expansive views will take your breath away. It should be noted The Killarney Fells and Moorlands are  for the intrepid walker as inexperience  can very easily get one lost in hilly mist, so prudence is imperative.   

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